Grant Accounting


Grant Accounting

Ensure that your grants are treated correctly within your accounting records and remove the risk of error

Accounting & Business Solutions’ Team are experts in the field of Government Grant Accounting for startups and Small & Medium Enterprises. All of your proposals and projections will be managed effectively by us, enhanced by our full-service bookkeeping and grant accounting options. Your company policies will be created and written by us to comply with grant regulations.

We assist with the following:

  • Full service bookkeeping and grant accounting
  • Grant compliances and draws
  • Grant compliance consulting
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports and filing


Audit Preparation

Rest Assured via Compliance
Through our consistent audit methodology, we provide our clients with a high-quality audit preparation that provides compliance with laws and regulations. We operate programs that achieve their objectives; and provide services in a efficient, effective, economical and ethical manner.

We assist with the following:

  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Audit readiness
  • Examinations
  • Financial statement audit preparation
  • Performance audit preparation
  • Compliance audit preparation
  • Internal control testing
  • Complete audit support and management
  • Indirect Rate Negotiation

Accounting & Business Solutions’ team has over 30 years of experience in Grant Accounting managing over $20 million in government grants.

Grant recipients must develop and maintain predictable, workable accounting procedures that clearly separate grant funding and expenditures from other funding sources. Federal grants require recipients to follow generally acceptable accounting procedures, or GAAP. Failure to follow the federal guidelines could lead to a reduction in grant money, loss of further grant funds or costs being attributed to your own organization. This is where Accounting & Business Solutions can assist you.

In the event that an awardee exceeds $750,000 in annual revenue from a grant, you will be subject to an annual Uniform Guidance Audit. We provide full audit support to prepare you before and during the Uniform Guidance Audit.

Prior to issuing an award to a new awardee organization or an organization that has not managed an NSF award in the last three years, the Division of Grants and Agreements (DGA) or Division of Acquisition and Cooperative Support (DACS) may request that Cost Analysis and Audit Resolution (CAAR) undertake one or more reviews to assess the awardee’s capability to effectively administer NSF-funded awards.

These review covers:

  • Proposal Budget Reviews
  • Accounting System Reviews
  • Establishing Indirect Cost Rates
  • Personnel Compensation Reviews
  • Cost Sharing Reviews
  • SBIR/STTR Phase II Reviews


In order to recover indirect costs related to Federal awards, most organizations must negotiate an Indirect Cost Rates (ICR) with the Federal agency that provides the preponderance of funding. CAAR performs several different types of reviews after an institution receives an award. Awardees for which NSF is the agency with rate cognizance are required to regularly (typically annually) submit proposals to update their ICRs.

ICR are negotiated by Division of Cost Allocation (DCA), Division of Financial Advisory Services (DFAS) in the Office of Acquisition Management and Policy, NIH (responsible for negotiating ICR for for-profit entities receiving awards from HHS), or other agency with cognizance for F&A/ICR (and other special rate) negotiation. Indirect cost proposals must be prepared in accordance with the applicable cost principles and guidance provided by the cognizant office or agency for indirect costs and must conform to cost policies in the NIHGPS.

Accounting & Business Solutions has the ability to help you prepare and navigate through grant audits and indirect cost negotiations making sure you are compliant with federal regulations.

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